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When Dr. Joe de Mello requested me to write the biography of his father, Mr. Pascoal de Mello, I readily agreed because I regard both his parents with the highest esteem. Mr. de Mello particularly endeared himself to our family by his kind concern for my mother-in-law whom he assisted in her correspondence to produce her dues under the enhanced Pension Scheme for widows of those who had served under the British Administration in Kenya.

This biographay courses through eigh decades - a period covering two World Wars! It spans more than two continents. The data initially came from the memoirs of Mr. Pascoal de Mello himself and promptings from his wife. Later their four sons also furnished me with their personal reminiscences. Piecing all these together and using my knowledge of Goan life and culture plus my research for a forthcoming book entitled, "Goans of Kenya", I have tried to set the event in the proper perspective.

This is the story of a man of boundless optimism founded on Faith, a man with a definite purpose motivated by strong family ties.

It is a tribute of love from the four sons to their father; and I hope the story that unfolds will be an inspiration, particularly, to the younger members of the de Mello clan helping them to appreciate their roots and stand up to the challenge of life.

- Teresa Albuquerque