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Pascoal was always proud of the fact that he was a Goan. His love for Goa was truly boundless. Each one of his children remember that from the time they were very young he always spoke in the fondest terms of Goa and repeatedly declared that some day he would eventually retire there permanently.

During his days in Kenya he retained a strong link with the Goan community. Both in Mombassa, and in Nairobi, Pascoal was a member of the Goan Institute. But in Nairobi he also played an active role in the working of the Goan Institute and the Nairobi Goan School and served them in various capacities. He was part of a dedicated band of Goans who were determined to do something tangible for the community.

Chief among his associates were Mr. R. B. Gonsalves, Mr. J. C. Jacques, Mr. T. F. Pereira, Mr. Christie D'Souza and Mr. J. G. D'Souza. Together they were instrumental in shaping the future course of a large segment of the Goan community in Nairobi.

There was more than one Goan club in the city. Membership to these clubs was caste-oriented.

Having begun with a small group of Goan pioneers in 1899, the Goan Institute of Nairobi has been described as the very first Goan club in all Kenya! Its formal inception, however, dates from 1905. The year 1945 had witnessed the creation of the Kenya Goan Sports Association - a brainchild of the Goan Institute! It provided that much-needed shot in the arm to Goan clubs all over East Africa to act as one in the promotion of sport by jointly participating in friendly contests! This acted as the springboad for players to launch into national and international sporting events, that ushered in the golden era of Goan Sports in Kenya!

So when Pascoal came to reside in Nairobi in 1949, the old building of the Institute, with its extentions made two years previously, was too small for the enhanced membership and sport activity. In 1955 sale of the Institute property at Duke Street fetched a sum that enabled the construction of a grand new building for the Institute in Juja road. Pascoal was on the Committee that completed that sale.

Goans Overseas Association Council

Messrs. C.P. Carneiro, T. F. Pereira (Secretary), J. G. D'Souza (Vice-President), Dr. A. C. L. de Sousa (President), L. A. Braganza (Vice-President), R. B. Gonsalves (Treasurer), Hilary D'Souza
Messrs. C. C. Ferrao, D. G. Remedios, J. F. D'Souza, J. C. J. Dias, P. de Mello, C. F. C. Almeida, J. S. T. Ferrao, P. F. L. Menezes

He was also on the Building Committee that was subsequently formed to take up the construction of a new building for the club. The architects Bhalla & Thakore were hired. Plans were drawn up for a very sophisticated structure. It was to have a"sprung ballroom floor". Various fund-raising drives were accordingly set in motion and the target was achieved with the backing of the community. The outcome of a lot of work and many late hours paid results; and in 1955 the new club was inaugurated by the Portuguese Vice-Consul-General and the Governor of Kenya, Sir Evelyn Baring. It was a proud moment for the Goan community.

It should also be noted that, although the community attached great importance to the promotion of sport and entertainment, Pascoal tried his best to inculcate interest in cultural pursuits. He was also at one time Educational Secretary of the Club Committee. Some of his writings at the time reflect this stand. Moreover, he personally helped to organise lectures, debates and discussions on a variety of topics in the club.

He felt very strongly about the need to maintain high standards of education and took on the responsibility, serving on the Board of Governors of the Dr. Ribeiro Goan High School. In his time he was closely associated with that stalwart of the Goan community, Dr. Souza. Pascoal was at one stage elected Vice-President of the Goan Overseas Association.

In 1958 Pascoal was elected President of the Goan Institute of Nairobi and till today his name features among other illustrious leaders listed in the Club's Roll of Honour. It was in this capacity that he had the distinction of being presented to the Queen Mother when she visited the colony.

Mr. Pascoal de Mello, President, Nairobi Goan Institue, 1958

Stan remembers the soul-stirring speeches made by his father during his tenure as President. He was a gifted speaker but took pains to prepare his speeches. All decked out in his very impressive black dinner jacket, bow tie, and fine patent leather shoes, he was eloquent whether he spoke in English or Konkani, his mother tongue. More often, in order to drive home a point he would crack a joke or break into the homely untranslatable Konkani idiom. With his facile pen Pascoal dealt with many a burning issue of the day, addressing his fellow countrymen through the "Goan Voice" - a newspaper of the community. Ever ready to lend a helping hand even to complete strangers, he was always there to receive the stream of grateful Goans dropping by his bungalow to pay their respects , to thank him for favours granted, to seek his advice on a problem, or to "consult Pascoal" before making an important decision. With each passing year he came to be appreciated and respected all the more.

The Goan Institute, Nairobi

Pascoal and Esmeralda and the Goan Institute Executive
host a reception for the Kenya Portuguese Consul General, Mr. Garcia and his wife.

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